Should I Get A Ductless Mini Split?

Should I Get A Ductless Mini Split?


When it is time to install a new air conditioner at your house, you may be thinking through your various options. Ductless mini split air conditioners are gaining popularity among homeowners. But does that mean it’s the right choice for your home and family?

No matter what air conditioner you choose, our team can help with AC installation in Columbus, OH. From central air conditioning to a ductless mini split and everything in between, our team is here to help. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a ductless mini split system and why it might be the right choice for you.

What Is a Ductless Mini Split?

Each different air conditioner has its own unique pros and cons. Ductless mini split AC is no different. A ductless mini split stands apart from other air conditioners because it does not use a system of ductwork to channel air. There is still a central outdoor unit, but instead of a central indoor unit, your house has smaller individual air conditioners in each room.

This is a huge benefit because you can control the cooling level of each individual room of your home as long as you keep the doors closed. If you have one person who prefers the temperature to be significantly warmer or cooler than others in your home, they can close the door and adjust their personal settings. This is one of the main reasons that homeowners choose a ductless, mini split air conditioner over a central air conditioner. But there are other benefits, too.

Potential Savings

You stand to save a lot of money on your energy bills over the life of your ductless mini split unit. Ductless air conditioners don’t lose any cool air in the ductwork, so 100% of the air that gets cooled blows directly into your home. This can reduce your energy costs by up to half. Of course, you have to balance the savings with the higher upfront cost. Ductless mini split units are more expensive than other types of air conditioners.

Energy Efficiency

And the benefits of energy efficiency extend beyond saving money. Since a ductless mini split unit is highly efficient, it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home. This is a benefit because it takes on less wear and tear compared to a central air conditioner. Less wear and tear means that your ductless mini split can have a longer lifespan.


Keep in mind that a ductless mini split air conditioner does also come with a higher maintenance expectation for you as a homeowner. Since each air conditioner is smaller and more compact, you have to take extra care in cleaning out the air filter at least once a month.

You may also need to clean out the condensate drain lines as they are prone to getting clogs. You are not just maintaining one central unit, you have to maintain each one individually. The maintenance expectations are higher since you have multiple air handlers in your home.

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